Lord Mayor’s Parade.

Lord Mayor on Her Parade

Lord Mayor on Her Parade

Lord Mayor’s Parade.

 Shout aloud

The Lord mayor’s Message

The Power woman

“Energy has been the driving force in my career as a lawyer specialising  in global electricity industry reforms at CMS Cameron McKenna to  bring cheaper, cleaner and more energy to more people. My mayoral  theme reflects my conviction that the City of London has the energy  and talent for innovation necessary to serve the needs of society and  the environment – it has “The Energy to Transform Lives”.”

Only the second time there has been a woman as Lord Mayor of the City of London. Although there have been 686.   Not a role model for young women, in her sixties, rather an inspiration for mature, experienced women, Fiona Woolf , accompanied by a float from Age UK and this year is the first time that women in the city have had a float.

As an energy Consultant, her very topical theme:The energy to transform lives includes: Raleigh International working with poor in rural areas, and Working Chance which gives opportunities for employment to women recently out of prison.

Putting on her red robe and gold chain and riding through the city of London in her Parade,  Fiona Woolf is certainly visible!  Also, one hopes, newsworthy.

Perhaps we are looking in the wrong place looking at women on boards, or  “everyday sexism”, women with power, may be more relevant. How about  Alison Saunders ?

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