“Get lucky and say yes” Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf

“Get lucky and say yes”

Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf

ionthecity interviews the Lord mayor in her office


The Lord Mayor in her office

The Lord Mayor in her office, by Jonathan Goldberg


Mansion House

The office of the Lord Mayor is very grand with escutcheons on the wall and a golden ormolu clock under the window. Second only to the Queen in The City, she neither intimidating nor self important.    Power woman, an electricity lawyer, she wears a simple black dress with a bright red jacket and a tiny gold brooch which represents the golden coach she rode in, for her Mayoral procession in The City.

“It’s an amazingly well received role as you travel around the world, and I think the best thing about it, it’s always re-inventing itself so that it remains modern and relevant even thought it goes back to 1189”

So interesting that her themes in interview with one exception, are very much the themes of ionthecity, and christrainers in training entrepreneurs.

Lord Mayor on Her Parade

Lord Mayor on Her Parade

“ Get lucky and say yes”.

1)Get lucky, recognize and have confidence in your capabilities, and skills,

2)Have your ear to the ground, and always be  open to opportunities.

3)Importance of role models who help you to know who you are

“The Energy to Transform Lives” 

“Energy has been the driving force in my career as a lawyer specializing in global electricity reforms at CMS to bring cheaper, cleaner and more energy to more people,’ Woolf writes in the foreword to her ‘686 plan’ for her year in office. ‘My mayoral theme, “The Energy to Transform Lives”, reflects my conviction that the City of London has the energy and talent for innovation to serve the needs of society and the environment.‘   Woolf has advised 28 governments worldwide on energy reforms designed to make the electricity sector more efficient and better able to attract investment.”

Of the myriad countries she advised, we need to mention this one.

Australia: Advice to the Government of Victoria on the restructuring of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria, the creation of a new regulatory regime and a new market including the Grid Code and transmission access.

I’ll be going to 24 countries, with the Law Society, to promote London as a dispute resolution centre and English law generally for doing what it says on the tin,’ Woolf says. ‘Gas trading between China and Russia, for instance, is likely to be documented by a law firm based in London because we alone have the industry know-how. The same applies to most power projects in Africa. English law has become, and must remain, the legal system of choice for commercial trade worldwide.’

My career has always been global.

Most recently, she worked with the World Bank on regional transmission line projects to enable post-conflict countries, such as Liberia and Sierra Leone, to import electricity.

Working chance  

One of the charities supported by the Lord Mayor, it supports women coming out of prison to help them get employment, as the Lord Mayor believes education and employment are the road to rehabilitation.

You can donate here.   There will be more on prisons in the women-in-crime chapter.



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