Language is not gender neutral.

Language is not gender neutral.

Sheboard empowering girls and women

Explicitly or implicitly, certain adjectives are female, and certain adjectives male.

If you type in “women”, the app suggests words such as  “lead”, “smart” and “strong”.

The keyboard app suggests empowering words, such as changing the word “beautiful” to “happy”

Type the phrase “you look so” and it suggests words like “confident” and “smart”. “Beautiful” changes to “happy”.

It also replaces popular phrases. When you type “my little”, the keyboard suggests “adventurer” before “princess”, and if the texter commits to using the phrase, Sheboard offers solutions to make your little princess more empowered, such as  “good” and “leader”.

The app is an initiative by the Finnish branch of the humanitarian organisation Plan International.

Many of the words, such as  “succeed” and “win” were chosen in partnership with a team of girls and young women.

Lindstrom argues the keyboard works “subtly” and notes that Sheboard is a “conversation starter,” not a solution. The predictive text function is only an aid — there is no pressure to use suggested words — but the idea is to make users stop and think.

Katie Strick writing in the Evening Standard

It is a possible start to awareness raising, complimenting Karen Brady examining the pay gap, and talking to a man convinced that women on boards is just a fad, rather, than an economic necessity.

Brady has the facts, the surveys, over the last decade proving that more women on boards, leads to greater equity success.





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