The Service Compaints Ombudsman

The Service Complaints Ombudsman

Nicola Williams

I wanted to use my my abilities with words,

both the written and the spoken word
to help further social justice, that’s my life purpose.

When the Travon Martin verdict came out in the States, I was so very very angry at the time because of the blatant unfairness.

Social justice
Nicola has been a barrister, a judge and served on regulatory bodies.  She has been the second woman Service Complaints Commissioner for the armed forces and now has  a more important role, that of the first  Service Complaints Ombudsman, to the Military. Continue reading

Nicola Williams

Nicola Williams

Ombudsman for the Armed forces

My most memorable event, had the added poignancy of my father.   It was when I became a judge.   Once  I found out officially,  I could tell him.   As it turned out he died the following march.  

My ambitions as a child were quite varied. I wanted to be a fashion designer.  Around the age of 10 I was very interested in Astronomy.  Then at A levels, I was  interested in languages with a view to going to the UN to be a translator. Continue reading