The Service Compaints Ombudsman

The Service Complaints Ombudsman

Nicola Williams

I wanted to use my my abilities with words,

both the written and the spoken word
to help further social justice, that’s my life purpose.

When the Travon Martin verdict came out in the States, I was so very very angry at the time because of the blatant unfairness.

Social justice
Nicola has been a barrister, a judge and served on regulatory bodies.  She has been the second woman Service Complaints Commissioner for the armed forces and now has  a more important role, that of the first  Service Complaints Ombudsman, to the Military. Continue reading

Women-in-Crime Alison Saunders

Alison Saunders

Heads up the Crown Prosecution Service

Alison Saunders         Perhaps we are looking in the wrong place looking at women on boards, or  “everyday sexism”, women with power, may be more relevant.

Cherie Blaire is backing female talent. Women of the Future Awards takes place on 13 November in London.   The largest national search for exceptionally talented women.
As Patron Cherie Blair has said:  Young women are “vital” in the quest for equality.
“Celebrating these women will encourage others to follow in their footsteps, to pursue their dreams, and help inspire female leaders of the future.”

At the Wired conference, last month, an interesting proposition, and a question.
“It’s time to find an app for gender equality”  Natasha McElhone speaking. Actress , writer and mother of 3 boys; she is also an inspiration, to women, mothers, and all generations.
“Why have we allowed Brazilians and vajazzling to become the new Chinese foot binding?”
We should be pouring the same energy into hacking gender stereotypes as we do when disrupting any other sector.”

Finally Alison Saunders DPP makes clear her intentions:

“I’m very excited about the next five years. The focus is going to be on issues such as violence against women where the work I’ve done in London is really going to help.”


Here is an  extract from the Press Release from her office, Continue reading

Women-in-Crime Sian West


 Sian West ex-Prison Governor

Sian West would go well with our other power woman the Lord Mayor. Full of energy and charisma, you are immediately aware of her presence

Having left the prison service she is now involved in Restorative Justice, she’s a volunteer for domestic violence, and music is her life.  “I breathe it, I live it, I eat it. “.    Not one to let the grass grow under her feet.

Choosing to be in the prison service as a Prison Governor was not typical for a woman 1978.

As a woman I wasn’t aware of women being treated differently, at school or university, then I joined one of the most macho institutions that you could ever imagine. The prison service, by definition, has to be quite male in that 95% of prisoners then, and now, are male.   You enter a male world.

Rather than a female, I am a just a Prison governor or an Operator, because those are the skills and abilities that people are relating to.

The most important thing I achieved was to have been in charge of 3 prisons and come out the other end alive. (  But I had the responsibility of life and death on my shoulders.)

Sian West when she was Prison Governor

now interested in Resotorative Justice and Domestic Abuse

I would  call myself a feminist, with a very, very small “f”.    I believe in equality.  But equality is a tenant of feminism, as opposed to female dominance.

My most important achievement was too have been in charge of 3 prisons and come out the other end alive.    But I had the responsibility of life and death on my shoulders.

Prison is different for women, Continue reading