“Get lucky and say yes” Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf

“Get lucky and say yes”

Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf

ionthecity interviews the Lord mayor in her office


The Lord Mayor in her office

The Lord Mayor in her office, by Jonathan Goldberg


Mansion House

The office of the Lord Mayor is very grand with escutcheons on the wall and a golden ormolu clock under the window. Second only to the Queen in The City, she neither intimidating nor self important.    Power woman, an electricity lawyer, she wears a simple black dress with a bright red jacket and a tiny gold brooch which represents the golden coach she rode in, for her Mayoral procession in The City.

“It’s an amazingly well received role as you travel around the world, and I think the best thing about it, it’s always re-inventing itself so that it remains modern and relevant even thought it goes back to 1189”

So interesting that her themes in interview with one exception, are very much the themes of ionthecity, and christrainers in training entrepreneurs.

Lord Mayor on Her Parade

Lord Mayor on Her Parade

“ Get lucky and say yes”.

1)Get lucky, recognize and have confidence in your capabilities, and skills,

2)Have your ear to the ground, and always be  open to opportunities.

3)Importance of role models who help you to know who you are

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Women in the Work Place

Women in the Work Place

Returners and Retention


discoverer of Pulsars

photo University of Bath
Astrophysicist and President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh


The Women who do Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics degrees in Scotland, don’t stay.   More than two thirds leave, yet less than half of the men leave the field.  At the same time the ICT industry, energy industry  green industry are  all saying, look we’re heading up for an enormous skill shortage, in the very near future.   So a country can’t afford that wastage of a large chunk of its talent.   It needs somehow to keep those women.


The new President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the outstanding astrophysicist science communicator, Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, is very concerned about the lack of women in STEM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.   She sees women training in these fields then dropping out.

Professor Bell Burnell, continued    “There’ve been many initiatives: usually  started  by women, done by women. In Scotland  this strategy for women in science,  is  that initiatives  are joined up and that there is a government level strategy, so that they reinforce each other.

Interestingly the NHS, because it’s now dominated by women, has developed a lot of part time working, Continue reading