Contents: Coaching Chapters

Contents:   Coaching Chapters

1)    Who do you think you are?

Portrait of Julia Gillard

Former Prime Minister of Australia

2)    Who do your friends think you are?

3)    The Importance of Role Models

4)    The Touchstone:
Currently Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia is the touchstone     for this book.  Formerly it might have been Germaine Greer, but the two display such similarities that they’re almost interchangeable.   Who will yours be?

The qualities which so appeal are: intelligent, educated, (in the true sense of the word) articulate, feisty speaker,  feminist.
Julia Gillard is a Believer in Equality. for all people, not just women, but she recognizes how much talent is wasted by ignoring that women hold up half the sky.

This book lays out a map, but the choices must be your own. They must be an on-going process.  Many people believe that goal setting is the most important, and while that may be true, never forget the importance of serendipity, of seizing the moment.

Beginning of the Lord Mayor's procession

The Lord Mayor outside the Guildhall

Get lucky and say yes as

Fiona Woolf said as Lord Mayor of the City of London.

The Lord Mayor outside the Guildhall



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