Contents of the e-book

The book is in 2 parts:

The main section is interviews with Inspirational Women.   These are to act as inspirational role models, but also to show, that even the most successful women face challenges, and disasters, often institutional, societal, or socially sexist.

The other section is helpful questions about your own degree of self-esteem, self-analysis and suggestions for finding resources, people places and things, books, skills which may help you on your way.

Yes, it could be seen as self-help, but the good news is that you can completely skip all this part, and just read about a few of the wonderful amazing women, who set the bar high for the rest of us.

The inspirational women are generally in groups of three.   Each chapter focuses on a particular area. Women in science. women in the house.  Ladies in the lords. women-in-law.  women-in-the-city


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