Nicola Williams

Nicola Williams

Ombudsman for the Armed forces

My most memorable event, had the added poignancy of my father.   It was when I became a judge.   Once  I found out officially,  I could tell him.   As it turned out he died the following march.  

My ambitions as a child were quite varied. I wanted to be a fashion designer.  Around the age of 10 I was very interested in Astronomy.  Then at A levels, I was  interested in languages with a view to going to the UN to be a translator. Continue reading

Your Future, Your Ambition

Rashada Harry Co-director

Rising Star winner Rashada

WATC Rising Star Awards at House of Commons

Your Future, Your Ambition is definitely my main focus at the moment and also my voluntary work.  I’ve travelled to both Ghana and Kenya in my spare time, working with children in remote villages.  Continue reading

Mayor of Croydon Council

Mayor Patricia Hay-Justice

My role as mayor is very important.   On the political side you always have the leader and the political establishment. Then there needs to be an individual  to champion that borough.  Making sure Croydon is seen in a great light, the brilliant buildings and green spaces, not as a concrete jungle.   Continue reading

Professor, Lady Margaret Hodge MP. MBE.

Life is not a short sprint but a long journey

Google was fun

What makes women different.     I think the way in which we work is really different  from men.  Cooperative, inclusive.   Less about your own ego,  more about the the collaboration needed.   Women are much better at juggling a whole lot of things, at the same time, which comes comes from juggling home and work.   Continue reading

Global Woman

Global woman.

Juliana Ruhfus
Part two

The world needs women of vision, women whose  mission is not just narrow nationalism, but to the benefit of people everywhere.    Juliana Ruhfus describes herself as a television journalist and broadcaster who specializes in investigations and current affairs.

“Journalists really need to globalize.   Crime globalized a long time ago, why shouldn’t we?”

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Juliana Ruhfus

Juliana Ruhfus

Global Journalist

Part one

I am a television journalist and broadcaster who specializes in investigations and current affairs.   Our film about pirate fishing off the coast of Sierra Leone, Continue reading

Professor Susan Greenfield Neuroscientist

Professor Susan Greenfield  Research Neuroscientist

Woman of Science

“A woman takes on a job to get something done,

a man takes on a job to be someone.” 

Mike Rann Premier of South Australia


I was in for a science  prize in the states. When I  came second, a male colleague rang.  He  said, well you are foreign and you are a woman.  It was said in all kindness, that will explain everything.  A foreigner and a woman. Continue reading