The Chair of the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

Interview with Vikki Heywood,
Chairman(sic) of the RSA

Chair of the RSA

(Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

“Over my career I’ve developed  an understanding of the complexity of human relationships and the desire to engage with both your own creativity and the creativity of others, and how it enables you to think through your life and the world around you.

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Professor Dame Athene Donald

Professor Dame Athene Donald
Champion of Women’s Equality

If I had one action to change the world,  I would worry about equality.   
I think we ignore it at our peril.   That’s not just gender,  its ethnic,  it’s  socio-economic.

The Women's Equality Champion from 2010 to 2014

The Women’s Equality Champion from 2010 to 2014

Professor Dame Athene Donald is a scientist working at

The Cavendish.  Amongst many other roles she is  Master of Churchill College at Cambridge, where she was Cambridge’s Gender Equality Champion from 2010-2014.   She also chaired the Education Committee for The Royal Society.

I don’t’ consider myself to be a feminist    I associate the word with the sort of 60s culture, man hating.    I believe in Equality absolutely, but I don’t like the word Feminist.   I know that the modern use is different, but I still feel uncomfortable with it.
Anne Marie Slaughter speaks of strong women, who did stay in the house, but they did have dreams and wanted their daughters and grand daughters to go on to great things, but if you have  a mother who is says don’t do that, you’ll break your nails, it’s hardly encouraging or supportive.

It just appalls me the messages, Maths isn’t for girls, or  T-shirts saying I’m too pretty to do maths .

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Steve the refugee from Germany

Dame Stephanie Shirley came to England as a refugee

Founder of the first all women Tech company.

Stephanie Shirley (later known as Steve) set up an all woman software company back in 1962 and became a billionaire philanthropist, who has never forgotten that she owed her life to the kinder transport, and the generosity of the country, which took her in. She told Sue McGregor who interviewed her, “Having had my life saved, I thought it was important not to fritter it away.” Continue reading

Standing for Member of Parliament for Women’s Equality Party

  Harini Iyengar

Barrister and Candidate for for Parliament for WEP

“I wanted to be an astronaut and go up into space.”

“I wanted to be an astronaut and go up into space from the age of 9 to 16, but when I put down my options I was told I couldn’t do that, I had to choose between Arts and Science.

Because I was a very academic student, both the Science and Arts were putting pressure on me. I’ll always remember sitting on tall stools in the physics lab and the head of Physics showing me various astronomers on TV, including Patrick Moore, and I thought, “I don’t want to work with people like that, they don’t look very glamorous, and I’m going to do Arts”.   It is important to go back and remember what it is like to be a teenage girl.   I chose Arts, but I look back and think, “Might I have been in Tim Peake’s shoes”.

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The Service Compaints Ombudsman

The Service Complaints Ombudsman

Nicola Williams

I wanted to use my my abilities with words,

both the written and the spoken word
to help further social justice, that’s my life purpose.

When the Travon Martin verdict came out in the States, I was so very very angry at the time because of the blatant unfairness.

Social justice
Nicola has been a barrister, a judge and served on regulatory bodies.  She has been the second woman Service Complaints Commissioner for the armed forces and now has  a more important role, that of the first  Service Complaints Ombudsman, to the Military. Continue reading

Your Future, Your Ambition

Rashada Harry Co-director

Rising Star winner Rashada

WATC Rising Star Awards at House of Commons

Your Future, Your Ambition is definitely my main focus at the moment and also my voluntary work.  I’ve travelled to both Ghana and Kenya in my spare time, working with children in remote villages.  Continue reading

Mayor of Croydon Council

Mayor Patricia Hay-Justice

My role as mayor is very important.   On the political side you always have the leader and the political establishment. Then there needs to be an individual  to champion that borough.  Making sure Croydon is seen in a great light, the brilliant buildings and green spaces, not as a concrete jungle.   Continue reading