The touchstone

The touchstone

Who is yours?

Julia Gillard MP

is the former Australian Prime Minister

These are the markers on her journey.
How may they be relevant to your journey?

Portrait of Julia Gillard

Former Prime Minister of Australia


A strong supportive family. She grew up in a family of 2 girls.

A)    All children need the foundation of a great education.  As a young activist she became     vocal against the education cuts, becoming involved in politics at a local level.

B)    One of her strong drivers was recognizing injustice and the conviction that you can make a difference.

C)    You also need a strong sense of purpose. You need to know why, have a clear mission, but you need the education and opportunity to sustain you there.

D)    Crucially you need a strong sense of self, for the difficult times, the obstacles you will     encounter.  You don’t have to aim to be Prime Minster, but you do have to be the best  you can be. “Who are you to be amazing? Who are you not to be?” (Marianne Williamson)

E)     She went to the local  state Primary, state Secondary and then to University.
Here is where she speaks of politics having an impact. The then Labor Prim Minister     Gough had abolished University fees.  Had she needed to pay, her life story would have     been very different.

F)     Living her belief.
Education. Now chair of the Education Partnership, she has gone global.  to achieve     education for the 121 million girls  unable to go to school.

Now choose your touchstone, or role model.

Will it be women-in-the-air,



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